Semi-permanent make-up

Semi-pigmentation : 200€

Restructuring: 30€

Quarterly Retouching: 40€

Retouching every six months: 60€

Retouching 8 months: 90€

Annual Retouching: 110€

Mole: 20€



Restructuring: 30€

Monthly maintenance: 20€

Eyebrow tincture: 15€

Restructuring + Dyeing: 40€



Eyelash tincture

Eyelash enhancement: 80€

Eyelash enhancement + eyelash tinting: 100€


Extension of eyelashes in vision

Complete: 200€

Semi: 120€

Outdoor: 80€


Retouching Eyelash Extension

15 min: 30€

30 min: 60€

60 min: 100€


Permanent makeup

Raised eyelashes: 150€ at 170€

Eye-liner: 180€ at 200€



restructuring: 30€

Epilation – Monthly maintenance: 20€



Permanent makeup
The eye liner permanent makeup will give you the effect to be lasting makeup.
The Ras eyelashes allow you to intensify your look and your eyelashes which will give you a long-term effect eyelash dyeing.

The Regard Taunt!

Extension de cils

Extend your gaze with a luxurious lash delivery in real mink. A star look that will only take you a few minutes, instant result.

Your eyes will not be the same …

Eyelash Enhancement / Tinctures
No need to make-up to be beautiful the lash enhancement allows you to gain length and curl naturally giving you a natural mascara effect. Synchronize the dye plus the enhancement will allow you to have the look you expect, a doll look while remaining natural …


Without needle with a simple feather, the semi pigmentation allows to regain a line of eyebrows perfect. Undetectable unlike the tattoo that leaves irreversible sequelae and turns …
The semi-pigmentation will allow you to have perfect eyebrows.

How does semi-pigmentation work?

First, the eyebrow is restructured into the desired shape. Then we draw in pencil to show you what it means afterwards. We agree and we begin the semi-pigmentation by scratching the eyebrow with a pen and natural pigment, everything is done manually.

How long does semi-pigmentation last?

The semi-pigmentation lasts between 4 to 6 months then a retouch every 4 to 5 months is enough to maintain.

Make your eyes a provocation !!!


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