The Semi Pigmentation of the eyebrows



Description of the semi-pig:

Born of ancestral Asian gestures, taken over by the USA, the semi-pig is a technique; imported and improved exploited in France by the founder of « the bar à sourcils », which allows to restructure an eyebrow in the « most natural way possible ».

This specialty is a real calligraphy of the eyebrows made using a pen with metal tip and nano needles joined together on the same line that forms a thin blade.
This makes it possible to obtain a perfect replica of the ideal natural eyebrow with respect to its morphology in just one hour of time.

Technical process :

This technique consists of pigmenting the upper layers of the skin using nano needles. It is only 0.2-0.25mm below the epidermis while the electric dermograph semi-permanent makeup goes up to 0.5-0.8mm.Grâce it does not damage the capillaries, it does not touch the bulbs and we have no problem of regrowth of hair.

The technician redraws the eyebrow and fills gaps by drawing several fine lines that will form a light shading; which will allow to obtain a naturally perfect eyebrow.

After the first session, a retouching session is necessary about three weeks later to fix the work of semi-pig to ensure the shape held and a long duration without being permanent.
Unlike permanent makeup that can sometimes turn red or blue over the months, the semi-pig is durable over time and fades smoothly after about a year and a half.

From a pain point of view, since the needles penetrate less deeply under the skin, they touch less nerve endings and this is less painful than semi-permanent makeup. Similarly, there is usually less bleeding. The healing is only faster.


Make your eyes provocative !!!

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