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Dear managers, beauty institute managers,

Semi-pigmentation, also known as semi-pig, is a revolutionary American method to make eyebrows in a natural way. Since his arrival in France, this new technique has quickly proved itself. Indeed, it is a semi-permanent makeup not to be confused with the tattoo and its adverse impacts on female beauty. In this case, the strong point of the semipig resides in its unquestionably natural appearance, it does not turn, leaves no irreversible sequelae on the skin and especially that it erases gently but surely until definitive disappearance without leaving No trace or scar on the eyebrows.

Applied through mineral pigments, this semi-permanent makeup produces no side effects or undesirable effects, these pigments are purely natural and contain no chemical substance. To do this, it takes just a feather led from a fine clinical blade specially designed for this purpose (semi-pig). So just learn the right techniques to carry out this know-how made in USA. It is in this context that we now propose the formation of semi-pigmentation for Europe and more particularly for France. Undoubtedly, the semi-pig method is taking an undeniable place in the world of aesthetics. Thus, it promises a financial profitability and an economic gain not inconsiderable. Moreover, since this is a semi-permanent service, the customer will always need to modify his initial service as and when it is demarcated. Therefore, a single benefit can save more money through the retouching system. Now you can imagine that a person who gets pigmented his eyebrows and who is in a beautiful and well proportioned form with his facial morphology and a perfectly natural color of the eyebrow line, would never be able to give up this great change equivalent to Aesthetic surgery.

All in all, if you want to learn this new American miraculous method, if you want to earn more money in a short period of time, if you lack experience and would like to add a luxurious touch to your beauty salon, do not hesitate Not to train your team to draw all these positive consequences.

From then on, it is certainly time to enroll in future training sessions. Simply download the registration form and return it signed and accompanied by the necessary documents. For more information on training the semi-pig, you have all the details in the 2017 program.

With our feelings, the best, the team of The eyebrow bar and especially its trainers wish you a good success with us.

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